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Hot Hot Hot

July 24, 2010

I’m feeling a bit like an over-endulged whiner today.

Temperatures are tipping 100 degrees. I live in a 2-story rowhome. The first floor has a decent window air conditioning, but, alas, the upstair air conditioner cannot compete with the temperatures and the concept that heat rises.

The pets and I have abandoned the upstairs until the most recent heat wave cools.

So now I move from my chilled futon to my frosty car to my refridgerated office. I may literally only be outside to pick up my CSA this week – no such thing as an air-conditioned farm just yet.

Now I know that if I were to swelter outside, this wouldn’t help anyone. But I can’t help but feel guilty as I see that the temperature in Haiti is exactly the same as here today – except they are also expecting rain.

Millions of people are living in tents in Haiti. If you’ve ever been camping in the summer, you know that means disgustingly hot days and chilly nights.

Again, they won’t be more comfortable if I am less spoiled, but it definitely keeps any potential whining in check.

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