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Haiti Trip Preparation

August 2, 2010

So with a mere 2 months to go before my Haiti trip, I’m starting to prepare.

There are the mental preparations: researching plane tickets, figuring out how to get to JFK, planning pet sitter needs, determining shoes to bring, etc.

Then, there are the physical preparations: doing more treadmill work, getting the required shots and weaning myself off caffeine.

Guess which thing is the hardest?

I’m in Day 2 of stepping down the caffeine. I’ve done it before. It’s always a process, and it seems to get harder instead of easier each time. Day 1, surprisingly, is always fairly easy. A little tiredness that is battled with a late afternoon nap. Day 2 is trickier, headaches start to develop, tiredness increases. (This is with two 12 oz diet sodas, mind you.)

Day 3 will be one can. More headaches, grouchiness, general malaise. Consider yourself forewarned.

The withdrawal only tends to last a week. I’m always happier when I’m off caffeine, but it always creeps back in. But I’m not going into a land where people are begging for water hooked on coffee and diet cola.

As usual, this process really brings home how easy I have it. They beg for water; I snub my nose at fruit juices that contain high fructose corn syrup (which is like 98% of the grocery store options). But even without the high fructose corn syrup, I’ve got tons of choices available for a buck.

It’s a lucky life I lead. I’ll try to remember that on Wednesday when the caffeine withdrawal feels like a spike being driven into my forehead.

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