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“That’s so amazing!”

August 15, 2010

That’s what everyone says when I say I’m going to Haiti this fall.

The thing is… I don’t think it’s that amazing. It’s just a week and they need so much. There are people there who ARE amazing. Relief workers giving their whole lives to the cause. Haitians surviving in awful conditions. THEY are amazing.

Me? I’m just a girl who is giving a bit to people who need it. (And probably getting more from them, then they’ll get for me.)

But I promise you (and them!), this isn’t just one week for me. I plan to use this experience to raise funds and awareness for those who doing really great work.

In the meantime, though, don’t be offended if I get embarassed when you say I’m doing something amazing.

One day soon, I’ll be pointing you to the individuals who really are!

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