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Getting Shot Up

August 25, 2010

I have to admit waiting in a doctor’s office to simply get shots made me feel a bit like my cocker spaniel.

Also, much like the vet, it was a very time-efficient visit. No chatting with multiple folks. Just one person telling me exactly what shots the CDC recommends for anyone going to Haiti, how important they are and how expensive each one is (basically $90/pop except for the crazy expensive rabies shots). The great folks over at Passport Health even offer a discount on the office visit for volunteers going to Haiti.

Only frustrating thing was that two really important shots are given to all children in the United States, but just like the chicken pox vaccine, they weren’t available when I was a kid. So now I have to pay for them myself with reimbursement from the insurance company unlikely. Nice. Gotta imagine that liver cancer treatment is more expensive than my $100 shot, but whatever.

Anyway, I left with a bandaid over my Hepatitis A shot and prescriptions for anti-malarials and cipro. Cipro presciption always a good sign you are going on the best vacation ever! We’re debating if my 2004 tetanus shot is current enough. And I expect to be going back for my typhoid and flu shots. Flu shot is the bargain deal at a mere $25.

Kudos again to Passport Health. I barely felt the needle.

The most fascinating part about this is that my mom was super prepared when I asked when I got my childhood vaccines and apparently still notes these things in the little vaccine book. She was the one who knew I had a 2004 tetanus shot. Can’t imagine why for the life of me. But mom had it noted, it must be so.

Be sure to add Hep-A to the book, mom!

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  1. Tambreet permalink
    August 26, 2010 2:33 pm

    Trips to Cambodia, South India, and Senegal all within 2-3 years has gotten me pretty much every vaccine known to man. And yes, they are expensive. The Hepatitus A/B combo shots are even pricier.

    And did you get the anti-malarial prescription filled yet? Mine came in at about $100 for a 2-week trip… ouch!

    • EmmKay permalink*
      August 27, 2010 7:15 am

      They called the prescription in, but I haven’t picked it up yet. They told me it would be $7/pill, and I have 7 pills: 2 weeks before, the week I am there and then 4 weeks after. I use Target which does generics for $4, but not sure if that counts for malaria pills. Travel meds seem to be their own delightful beast in our healthcare system.

      I’m jealous of all your travel (but not all the shots)!

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