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Cats, Tires and Other Minor Setbacks

September 22, 2010

We are closing in on the two week mark before I leave for Haiti.

Obviously, during this time, I am trying to spend as little money as possible.

Unfortunately, the fates have not agreed with this plan.

Friday night, I’m heading to see the divsion-leading Philadelphia Phillies with a free ticket to the game. So I’m on my way, when I hear that distinctive flat tire sound and the tire pressure light starts to flash alarmingly.

I managed to get to a Pep Boys right off the highway. The tire was exceptionally flat. The Pep Boys guys took pity on my baseball ticket and got a new tire on in record time. $160 later, I’m on my way. *sigh*

Next day, planned visit to the vet for a check up for the diabetic cat. If you were napping around 10:30 on Saturday and were awoken by howling, I apologize. That was Tulsa. He’s not a fan of the vet. This means his bloodwork has to be sent out to a lab. Only $125 this time. Sheesh!

Hopefully, this will be the end of the bleeding bank account.

It makes me even more grateful to those who have visited the website and donated to my trip.

Thank you all!

(And oh my! I’m going to be in Haiti soon!!! Sorry…that slips out one in awhile….)

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