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J/P HRO Begins to Rebuild

September 25, 2010

Latest update:

“Microburst hit port-au-prince – a strong burst of wind and rain. It’s taken out our entire base camp (see photo). Computers, documents, clothes, tents, all our personal gear and the entire JP office. The field hospital and clinic which takes care of 50,000 displaced Haitians has been completely destroyed. Medicines, …supplies, and almost everything else has been ruined. Our camp is one of the better equipped camps and has been severely damaged…but nothing compared to the hundreds of people that have been swept away. Thanks to our combined efforts with the USG military in drainage mitigations, harm to life in our camp was minimized and we were prepared. Some families had already relocated to Delmas 32 and other surrounding areas where we had cleared rubble. Other camps were not so lucky. Unfortunately our large tents for base camp and the hospitals did not fare well.”

We will start rebuilding tomorrow at 5 am and will upload pictures as soon as we have electricity. Join us and donate now, we cannot rebuild without you, and they need us now more than ever”

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