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Malaria Pill #2

October 4, 2010

Popped anti-malaria pill #2 tonight. A week from now, I will be popping my next pill in Haiti.

Definitely in tying loose ends mode. Trying to be prepared. Although I’ve travelled to three continents, this is the first time I will ever travel to a place where I really won’t be able to get anything I’ve forgotten. Even ATMs are basically non-existent. So that’s made me more stressed about making sure I have enough funds.

Wanted to send a special thanks to my friend Sam who’s giving me a place to crash before I make my way to JFK.

JFK is an amazing airport. It makes it so convenient to get anywhere in the world…despite being so inconvenient to get to itself. But I think I’ve sorted out all the trains.

My whole world right now is focussed on preparation. Stressful, stressful preparation.

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