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Up in the Mountains

October 13, 2010

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me, we didn’t go to the same orphanage today as yesterday.

the school and church

the school and church

Instead we drove high up into the mountains to an area called Kenscoff. The orphanage here is the one that Pastor Moise runs. Yesterday, the orphanage was actually pretty nice with their own caged hens and gardens, but the kids had severe needs. Today, the kids were actually very healthy, but the building was in serious decay.

the orphanage (yes, kids sleep here)

There are 25 kids at the orphanage right now, but many kids in the area come there for school. The classrooms are in a dimly lit building that is under construction and needs many repairs. The local children are able to go to school here for free which is very rare in Haiti.

The orphans who live there are in very rough conditions. The house is dark. The 2nd floor has been condemned, but they still sleep on the first floor on the ground.

We brought them building supplies and helped with the kids who were there. They were absolute sweethearts. Very loving and thrilled whenever I took their photo.

classroom for today's lessons

They sang songs for me and I worked with them on french. Apparently the french I learned in high school was just at their level. (Thanks, Mr. Nestor!)

Afterward, they showed me where volunteers will be staying starting next week. Waner, who is bringing me to these sites to work along with the Pastor, is an interesting guy. He worked for years for Blackwater in the Middle East and made a lot of money, but he wanted to come home and do good for his own country.

I am glad to be helping this week, but I am definitely looking for ways that I can help them continue their amazing work after I leave.

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