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Everyplace should be like this

October 15, 2010

I was back at the New Life Children’s Home today. More clothes sorting, but we actually got it all done today. Sadly, 98% was plus size women’s clothing for the autumn season, but they are hoping to give it to some of the workers.

guest house at orphanage

There is also a grandmother in the area who they give things to sell. Her daughter was killed in the earthquake and she brought her 3 grandkids to New Life to give them up. The people at New Life asked if they could help her would she want to keep them and she just cried and cried. They set her up with a small apartment. I hope she makes out well with some the clothes. They are actually quite nice, just not good for kids.

There was a big traffic jam near the airport today. There’s always a traffic jam everywhere in Port-au-Prince, but this was apparently extra bad so it took awhile for me to get picked up. This was good because it gave me time to see everything that they are doing.

chicken coop

Sustainable farmers would be proud of them. They grow their own vegetables. A man comes and teaches the boys about sustainable farming every Friday afternoon. They, of course, compost and raise chickens. Unlike the rest of the chickens running loose, they keep their chickens in a movable coop which helps them cut down on bugs. They get 25 eggs a day!

But the coolest part of the place is the fish tank area. They have big concrete tanks where they raise tilapia. Tilapia are bottom feeders so they basically eat poo. These fish eat rabbit poo. They put the rabbit cages right above the tanks. It would be impressive in Philadelphia. In Haiti, it’s unbelievable.

fish tanks



It’s great to be surrounded by such happy, well-cared-for children.

In addition to the sustainable farming, they also have guest houses. People can stay for $30 a day which includes breakfast and dinner. I’m hoping to stay here in the future.

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