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How was Haiti?

October 28, 2010

In the week that I’ve been back, this is the one question that has been asked of me over and over again.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to sum up Haiti with a pithy one-liner response. I’ve not been able to reduce a week of experiences into a few sentences.

It’s so easy with others who have been there. You connect over shared views and experiences:
The area outside the airport where you wait, hoping your ride will somehow find you.
The roundabout outside the airport that is a crush of vehicles, dust and people.
The tap-taps crowded with people coming home from work.
Parents walking their children home from school with their hand clasped tight.
The way your heart seizes when an orphaned child laughs.
The broken streets, the car horns, the music, the smoke…

You may have already read the short updates that I wrote each day from my hotel. I’m going to now go back and try to flesh out those days. I’m going to try to answer “How was Haiti” for those willing to put in a little time.

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