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What you should have heard about this weekend

December 14, 2010

I’m sure by now you heard about a certain celebrity/politician visit to Haiti this weekend.

It got a lot of attention. I had some small hope that this would bring much-needed focus to what is going on there, but that didn’t happen.

While the major media was covering that visit, my twitter feed was blowing up with violence and illness.
Over 2000 people have died of cholera and it’s still spreading.
Innocent peolpe are dying in the streets including the wife of the fixer Ivan Watson of CNN has been working with. She was shot in the back while going to the grocery store.
Even more horrifying, I was sent video of a man being shot point blank in the head.

There was some hopeful news as well. Cuba sending medical teams. A new school opening.

This is Haiti. Good and bad mixed together. So very little progress being made.

This was more of a vent than an update, so I want to close with something positive.

Pediatrician Jennifer Halverson is heading back to Haiti. She is collecting donations of supplies and funds to purchase medicine. She gives me hope that there are still many Americans who haven’t forgotten Haiti. Support her if you can.

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